Yes, we are an appointment only salon and only accept walk-ins on a very limited basis depending upon Stylist availability. Please book your appointment online or by calling 212-922-9310. You will have a personal Stylist to help during your appointment.

The two most important first steps in planning your wedding are to book your venue and to choose your gown! You should book your first appointment with us once you have secured your venue and wedding date. This will help guide you in determining the gown style that matches your wedding vision, and empower you to say fall in love with and say yes to a gown!

You will be welcomed to the salon by your personal Stylist for your 75-minute appointment. The first few minutes of your appointment will be a conversation between you and your Stylist about your vision for your dream gown, including sharing names and photos of gowns you love and discussing budget. Once your Stylist has a sense of what you are looking for, they will begin choosing gowns. We typically pull 5-6 gowns in the first round to see what shapes and fabrics you love the most. We then do a second round pull of additional gowns that most closely match your style and the vibe of your wedding day. At the 60-minute mark, we assess where we are and retry your favorites with accessories. Hopefully, you find the gown of your dreams at your appointment! If you’re not ready to make a decision, we provide you information on the gowns you love and add them to your profile with the salon. We then follow up to see if you would like to return for a second appointment.

Please note that our skilled and professional Stylists are commissioned salespeople, so if you loved your gown and our service, it DOES matter where you place your order. We greatly appreciate your business!

You really just need to bring your fabulous self! Most gowns have sufficient structure in the bodice that you don’t need to bring any special bra. You are welcome to bring shoes if you have already selected your wedding shoes, but each dressing room has a seamstress pedestal that will enable you to see what the gown will look like hemmed for you. We do recommend wearing nude underwear to your appointment, so you will have an uninterrupted view of the gowns as you try them on.

You should be ordering your gown between 9 and 12 months before your wedding. Gowns typically take between 4-8 months from the moment your order is placed until it arrives in our salon, depending on the designer. Your gown is made-to-order, so the designer does not start making the gown until you have placed your order. Once your gown arrives in our salon, you will need 2-3 months to alter your gown, depending upon the complexity of the gown design.

Bridal designers across the industry continue to experience significant delays in production due to supply chain interruptions. We recommend ordering your gown earlier than normal to ensure timely delivery of your gown that takes into consideration the needed 8-12 weeks for alterations.

Our made-to-order gowns range from $1,500 - $12,000. We also sell sample gowns off the rack at discounted prices.

Our bridal appointments are 75 minutes long. We also offer Private Champagne Fittings at a cost of $250 for 90 minutes.

We ask that bridal parties not bring beverages other than water with them to their appointment. You may add champagne to a regular bridal appointment for an additional $100. If you would like to book the entire salon with celebratory champagne during your appointment, please be sure to book our Private Champagne Fitting!

Our private bridal suites can fit four comfortably. For accessibility concerns, please call our salon ahead!

We have a variety of sample sizes in our salon with the majority ranging from size 8-22.

You’re in luck! Many of our designers offer a loaner program. For fees ranging from $100-$200, we can request loaners of certain pieces from our brand representatives. Call or email us for details!

Yes, we do! We generally require 4 alterations appointments spread out over the 10-12 weeks leading up to the wedding. 1st fittings are offered at our salon on weekdays from Tuesday- Friday. 2nd, 3rd and 4th fittings are done off site at the studio of our seamstress in Midtown Manhattan and are available 7 days a week. Our alterations are a standard $850 fee, unless you are doing special customizations to your gown, which will require additional fees. We also offer a rush fee of an additional $250 for brides with fewer than 45 days for alterations.

We would suggest bringing any undergarments you will wear on your wedding day and, most importantly, your wedding shoes. Please remember to continue to bring your shoes to every alterations appointment.

Yes, we do! We only provide cleaning and preservation for gowns purchased through our salon. We recommend cleaning and preserving your gown as soon after the event as possible. We also offer a cleaning only service that can be done as quickly as 2 weeks time. Please contact the salon for more information.

No. Our bridal consultants are dedicated experts for bridal gowns, veils and accessories only; however, we are happy to provide recommendations for where you can find bridesmaids gowns in the greater New York area.